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Politics in the United States and particularly in Mississippi centers on the question of power—who is in control, what policies they pursue, and on behalf of which constituencies.  For many years, those who were already prosperous became more so, whereas those whom prosperity has eluded lost ground.  A situation that could be described as intensifying inequality and pain for the poor.  When we look at the recent tax cuts, we are reminded of the impact results on the social and economic problems confronting public workers and the people they serve.  It saps energy and destroy morale.  We all remember that people joined together to tear down the Berlin Wall and overthrow repressive governments in Eastern Europe.  But to become empowered to bring about positive and lasting change, we must be organized.

Correction officers, social workers, healthcare workers, and other public sector workers deal with the human misery that accompanies the social problems caused by political economics.  MASE/CWA has long been committed to empowerment, and that is really the ultimate goal of any successful organizing effort.  Our legacy members believed that workers and voters affected by unjust conditions should themselves be involved in any and all efforts to change their conditions and they facilitated this involvement.

Those who become involved in organizing activities today should be trained in order to gain the knowledge and skills needed to reap the desired outcome.  The leadership of the Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/CWA, AFL-CIO, Local 3570, is committed to providing workers with that training.  For success, our members must be willing to play a participatory role in the organizing and executions of the collective strategy to win.  Usually, they will find the results well worth the effort, because “when people unite, fight for –and win—improvements they care about, they become self-assured and self-reliant, and become more in control of their personal lives”

Grassroots organizers are people-oriented work that involves defining agendas, holding meetings, talking and building coalitions as well as understanding the political process.



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