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     ELECTION            UPDATE

During our recent election cycle, only one person was nominated per position on the MASE/CWA Governing Board, thus a ballot vote to members wasn't necessary.  The following officers will assume their position through unanimous consent or “acclamation of the vacating Governing Board Members.

Brenda Rice-Scott            President

Chris Gray                        Vice President

Patricia McGee                 Secretary

Dr. Ivory Phillips               Treasurer

Debra Williams                 City Representative

Deborah Banks                Coastal Area Representative

Chris Harper                     Central MS Area

Clarice Martin                   Southwest MS

Regina Reed                     Corrections

*We are still in need of members to represent the Northern, Southern, and Delta areas of the state.  If you are a member in good standing and interested in serving, please submit your names, area, and agency and we will have the Board to add you as an acting Board member for your area. 

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